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Winter Is Upon Us


Winter Is Almost Here

I have to admit that what I am about to say is painful, but winter is making its presence felt. However, this shouldn’t impact selling your home.

Throughout this article I aim to give you some hints and tips to make your house winter ready.  There are numerous ways you can prepare your home to sell it during the winter months.




Outside space

I would suggest now might be a good time to put the BBQ and all other garden furniture away.  No one wants to see summer furniture lying about collecting leaves and frost.  Another useful tip is to remove any plants that have died, so all the borders look neat and tidy and maybe even consider planting a couple of winter plants to try and add a splash of colour.  

The other thing to consider when it comes to your outside space is the gutters and drains.  They can become easily blocked with leaves etc which can cause water to overflow.  Always make sure they have been cleared before any viewings. After all no one wants to have to walk through an unplanned shower.


Remember the outside space is the first thing any viewers will see when they come to view your home, and this will set the tone for the rest of the viewing. 




Winter Furniture





Winter means shorter days and longer nights, which limits the chances of applicants being able to view your property in daylight.  For this reason alone, it is really important that you have good outside lighting – whether it be security lights or pretty fairy lights that can go along fences and walls.  Beyond making your home stand out, it also ensures it is safe for people walking to and from their cars.


Interior lights are just as important, and having lots of bright lighting can make a huge difference especially on those dark days when natural light is at a minimum.









Whilst some people feel the cold more than others, and you might be one of the lucky people who doesn’t need to have the heating all day long, potential viewers might not be so lucky. With this in mind it is a good idea to make sure the heating is on for any viewings to ensure a warm and cosy atmosphere.  General ambience can have a big impact when it comes to someone liking a property or not.  In fact for most people it is the feeling rather than the look of a house that has the biggest impact when deciding if it is right or wrong for them.





Finally, the most important advice I can give you is this:  when it comes to the inside think more Margo and Jerry Ledbetter than Tom and Barbara Good.  Everywhere should be clean and tidy with nothing lying about.  Obviously, winter means Christmas for lots of people, and yes decorations can look very pretty and inviting, but we don’t want to over do it.  "Less is more" is always a great principle to follow. 


We all know that winter weather brings with it rain and dirt etc.  However, we don’t want to see that on carpets, so I would suggest taking off dirty boots and shoes when you walk through the door, and even more importantly put them away.  No one wants to see dirty footwear or clothing lying about.


If you have pets, always try to wipe their paws before letting them run all over the house and make sure rooms are well aired.  There aren’t many people about who like the lingering smell of damp dog! 




The Good Life



If you're unsure or need a second opinion, don't be afraid to ask friends or extended family members.  Otherwise asking an estate agent for their opinion is always a good idea, as they have enough distance and impartiality to view it objectively. 


Till next time...


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